The Comparex Academy works together with leading e-learning vendors to offer a wide range of content. A selection of interesting topics is shown here.
Over the years we have become established in the field of individual content creation. Today, e-learning no longer has to be boring or require a high level of self-motivation.

Playful content, quizzes and entertaining course units (gamification) in reasonable, short sequences make self-study interesting and easily understandable. In the best case users should be able to use the course units in their native language.

Here you will find a selection of e-learning options on a number of topics that are in great demand in companies today. This is standard content, some of which is available as a single-user license or as a corporate package.

Please use the button provided. Contact us for an offer for an inexpensive company license. Should the topic of your choice not be included in the list, please also contact us.

Some vendors offer their content in different languages. With a company license we can, however, also create additional individual languages or content for you. This range is constantly supplemented and our portfolio is regularly extended.

We provide Microsoft content free of charge. You only have to register.

Advantages for your company & employees

  • Saving of financial, time and human resources
  • High degree of flexibility, no fixed time or location
  • Comprehensive learning techniques and methods
  • Innovative learning environment
  • Interactivity and multi-medial learning material
  • Individual learning speed
  • Learning on demand
  • The acquired knowledge is easily retained
  • Automated monitoring of the learning results

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